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A Dozen Things I would rather be


NICK - Nick Ishmael-Perkins


Writer and Performer: Nick Ishmael-Perkins

Movement Director and Co-creator: Bence Kalo

Set and Costume Designer: Noemi Daboczi

Lighting Designer: Marc Rosette

Composer: Gameli Tordzo

Poetry Consultant: Javon Johnson

Stage Manager: Megan Bailey

Assistant Stage Manager: Steff Connolly & Nancy Fry

Sound: Jack Hartshorn & Jared Harley

Production Managers: Ben Willmott & Noemi Daboczi

Prop Maker: Sophie Clayton

Set Design Assistants: Jess Shead, Amy Rowe

Scenic Consultants: Louise Thomas, Donie Tansey

Photo credits: Richard ‘Woody’ Woodburn

                       Jasmin Fiori

                       Noémi Dabóczi

Richard Maguire - The Reviews Hub

“... this 60-minute show is lyrical and moving."
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